Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Price Gouging

Why does this particular picture make it's way into a blog about the much anticipated, highly sought after XBOX 360? Simply put, because price gouging opportunists on Ebay are to the 360 what Saudi Arabi is to oil.

On the right you'll find a link directly to the results of a search query for the XBOX 360 on Ebay where countless morons are either trying to over charge to a ridiculous degree for the next-gen console, or rip you off to an even higher degree by taking your money and leaving you with nothing at all. If you click on the link you'll see prices that soar above retail value, once on the page, click on the refresh button and you'll see the bidding on these units rise before your very eyes. The fact that certain greedy individuals are attempting to take advantage of the shortage isn't what is surprising(anyone who isn't completely naive knew something like this was bound to happen), what is, however, is that people are flocking to an absurd means of acquiring this item.

I want an XBOX 360 about as much as anyone, that I've dedicated an entire blog to my anxious anticipation of it should be testament to that. But I'm not about to lower myself to the point where I deal with thieves, because that, in the simplest and most blunt terms, is what the Ebay 360 merchants are.

I'll wait till Christmas, till after that, or until March if I have to. Not happily mind you, but I'm not trading in my integrity for a video game console no matter how bad I want it. And you shouldn't either. As I'm sure you can tell by now, this isn't purely a monetary issue in my eyes - it's about the principle. We aren't just talking about overcharging someone for a product, that happens everyday, albeit on a smaller scale. We're talking about taking advantage of someone who likely stood out in the cold for hours to acquire this item at it's fair price, someone who is probably just a mom or a dad trying to get their kid the top item on their list.

Finally, I'd like to make it clear, I know these people didn't cause the shortages(there's other people to blame for that). I doubt anyone selling their 360 on Ebay sits in their house all day thinking up ways to take people's money. This is just a situation that happened and this is how some people have chosen to react to it, but that still doesn't make it right.

The people selling XBOX 360s on Ebay are fully within their rights to do what they're doing. In just the same way, however, I'm fully within my rights to tell those individuals to take their $1,000 offer and swivel on it.

signed in misery,
Still Standing in Line


Blogger Kevin T. Rodriguez said...

Since I'm one of those theives who is (relunctently) selling his 360 on eBay, here's what I think about the situation: If people want to be stupid with your money and pretty much pay for your console for you(seeing as how these WILL be well stocked by January), then that's THERE fault, not my problem!

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also sold my 360 on Ebay with the same mindset: if someone wants to pay $1,750 for my Premium system and three games (what I got for mine), so be it. I honestly regret selling it (it was so close to my HDTV ... so close), but got one for less than my profit on Ebay just a couple minutes ago.

So I guess my point is this: it's not the sellers on Ebay gouging people, it's the buyers.

10:42 PM  

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