Saturday, December 24, 2005

Blame Game

There's always someone to blame.

Isn't there?

You see, the very nature of this blog would suggest that there is. Afterall, I am pissed, but pissed with whom exactly? Where exactly is my dismay aimed at? Sure I've hinted in certain directions. Retailers(GameStop), Ebay "merchants", Microsoft, Japan. But really, none of these can be forced to fully shoulder the mighty blame of this XBOX 360 shortage. I may be rather miffed, but I'm not unjust.

I'd like to just blame ol' Billy boy and Microsoft, they are, afterall, the easiest of targets. But logic, as oppose to knee jerk reaction, demands we not slay MS in one strike with our troubles. Microsoft did not intentionally cause this shortage; only someone with the ignorance of a three-year-old would believe such nonsense. I do believe they are trying to produce as many units as possible, they take some heat from me because they are failing miserably, but not because I think they're trying to.

I've already voiced my dismay about Ebay and the people going for %200 percent profit and four-digit price tags on 360's. There's good reason why, so far, they've been the only ones singled out. On launch day morning, while waiting in line in the cold, the guy next to me confessed he already had a 360 and that he had got it at midnight. He was only in line here(a few hours later) to get a second one so he could sell it on Ebay. Now thankfully, this guy didn't get one. But just think if he had. He buys a premium system for $399.99 and the as a result maybe the guy behind him has to pay $850 for it on Ebay the next day. But again, it can't go all on a few individuals on Ebay. They may have contributed to a lack of units available in retail stores, but they didn't cause any shortages themselves.

The retailers only garner my disapproval due to the fact that they seemed to fail unequivocally in every area. From pre-launch and EB Games/GameStop's bundle or bust idea, to launch day when my local Circuit City didn't have a clue on how to deal with lines, to post launch day when retailers would say "no units till March", get some that week, and have no better explanation than "oops". It really isn't their fault they couldn't get enough units from MS, but still, most retailers made themselves look like dumbass in all this.

Japan. Now honestly, I never really had anything against Japan. I love Japan. But when I heard some people on launch day talk about Japan receiving units was dimishing the amount of units in North America, I thought it was an amusing enough theory to entertain somewhat.

Really truly, there is no one in particular to blame. Is that a bad thing? No, not really. It might make me feel better to have a bull's eye for my rhetorical darts, but I'd like much more to be playing a XBOX 360 than a game of darts.

signed in misery,
Still Standing in Line


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