Saturday, December 03, 2005

Gaming Moments With No Gaming

There's just no substitute.

UCLA and USC go at it today in a hell of a nice rivalry game. This writer has USC by two touchdowns, just in case you were wondering.

Oh, and Texas blows out Colorado in a landslide. Hook 'em horns, baby!

I do have a life. I hang out with friends, I like to read, I'm a sports junkie - I keep busy with all the usual routines. But it's those moments of free time, that night after a hard day, that slow weekend, or free half hour of time before you step out the door to make your next engagement - that's when a gamer without gaming suffers most. That, and when the hardcore gamer in you rises up and you feel the need to go on an eight hour Halo 2 marathon[check the play on words] .

You see, my position is likely worse than most without a 360. I currently have no gaming console. Why? Everytime I've purchased a new system, I tend to sell my old one(helps to pad the cost of those new items), which is precisely what I did with my XBOX. I sure as hell wasn't going to trade into EB Games either. I sold it to an acquaintance along with a few games for way more than I would have gotten at Gamestop. I did this a week before launch date for the 360, obviously, because I thought I'd be getting the newest thing in gaming. Heh, dumbass me, eh?

So here I sit, on a Saturday morning watching Tulsa and Central Florida on ESPN, about to dabble with RPG Maker XP to waste some time and take my mind off the fact that I have no gaming life.

Before the launch, I watched every XBOX 360 commercial with anticipation and glee. Now, at the site of a 360 ad(all of which are too familiar at this point) I scramble for the remote, maybe fumble it clumsily in haste for moment, and slam on the 'recall' button to change the channel to the one I was watching last. Why torture myself?

Lastly, understand this: not having an XBOX 360 isn't some sort of death sentence; there are plenty worse things that could happen to a person and I do have much bigger things to worry about. Perhaps that why I haven't posted in a few days, if you keep busy, the pain of lacking a gaming console lessens significantly. But it's the moments like these, lazy Saturday mornings, watching Central Florida on a second and seven on a fifty yard line, distracted by the relative silence, and left having to stare at the gaping void above your TV only dreaming about what could - nay, what should - be there.

signed in misery,
Still Standing in Line


Blogger Apex said...

First of all I would like to caution you on putting your future 360 on a closed-back shelf or up against a wall. Not a good idea with the heat that billows forth from the beast's vent. The overheating rumors are mostly nothing but smoke and mirrors from anti-fanboys, no matter what anyone says. If you give the console space and don't block the vents you'll be fine.

Secondly, even though I do in fact have one, I still know what you mean. I'm not the only one in the house, so the TV is often occupied (most recently by football viewing). About then I remember why I don't particularly like consoles: a console requires a television.

The wait is hell. I can only speculate though, because the only wait I have right now is until Gears of War and Oblivion come out, which will be around the time the next shipment of 360's goes out.

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