Sunday, December 25, 2005

Look Who Made It In Time For Christmas

"Ask and ye shall receive." And so it was...

Yes indeed readers, my quest has ended - I have obtained my XBOX 360.

The words emblazed upon this picture seem to be befitting in more than the obvious sense. If you'll read the second and third lines of text in this blog (found at the top of the page), you'll see that it reads, "The rantings of a man who has the funds and desire to make a purchase and can't do so on his own terms." My goal wasn't only to acquire an XBOX 360, but also, as my text reads, to do so on my owns terms, namely walking into a retailer and paying the retail price. That, unfortunately, is not what happened.

The XBOX 360 comfortably perched in my room is one that was bought on Ebay. Yes, that's correct, I said Ebay.

Afterall I've had to say about Ebay and it's opportunistic sellers, does making my own purchase through Ebay make me a sellout? A hypocrite? Perhaps, if you so choose to deem that way, but if I be those things, along with them I'm a proud owner of a XBOX 360, and that, above all else, was the goal all along.

So again, I refer back the to the two words placed on the image above; while they may not be the words I'd truly prefer to have up there, I find them appropriate because my mission has been accomplished about as much as George W. Bush's was when he uttered those same two words. Things haven't gone as planned, and the mission (in my case, buying a 360 for 399.99 at a local store without a reservation) wasn't truly accomplished, but I'm far better off than when I started, and that alone is reason for celebration.

Thankfully, my mission didn't have the fate of a nation and culture relying on it - just my own satisfaction and gamer pride, which I assure you are now thriving like never before.

With that said, I HAVE A FREAKING XBOX 360, MAN! And thus far I'm loving every minute of it. Trust me, you don't think about where you purchased it when you're playing it, it's just far too enjoyable an experience for anything like that. I wanted a 360 and now I've got it. What can I say? I'm stoked.

My current titles include: Perfect Dark: Zero, Project Gotham Racing 3, and Madden 2006. Once I've had some more time with the system and the games, I'll be sure to dish out my thoughts on it all(the good, the bad, and the ugly). But so far I can say everything has been superb; the games look astonishing(I almost crapped my pants when I first popped in PGR 3), the Dashboard is brilliantly clean and innovative, in my time so far I haven't had a single crash or overheat, and the fans(despite what I'd heard) are surprisingly quiet.

So there it is, I got my 360. On November 22nd this whole thing started and I was sure to tell the world(or maybe just a few people who actually read) that I wasn't happy about the whole debacle. It may have taken over a month, but things look much better when looking at them through a ring of light.

Lastly, this was suppose to a rant blog. Once my beef had ended, I was to be done and go quietly off on my way, satisfied with my prize. But really, what's life without balance? The good with the bad, the happy with the sad. So yeah, I think I'll stick around a little longer, maybe dish out a few game reviews, and let people know I do have a happy side.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.

Still Satisfied in Life


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